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‘I have been embarrassed, dragged in the mud, used, spat on, name it and i still rise up’ – Desire Luzinda

Curvy singer Desire Luzinda has described a one Walus Wally as an idler who is trying to tarnish her all in the name of claiming to be having a story about her. According to her statement which she posted on her wall, she said Wally has been flooding media houses in boxes claiming to be having a story about the ‘Kitone’ singer.

Desire has come up to clear the air over the claims with the following statement,“ I do not normally clear the air on much nonsense going on social media, true or false, I normally just let it pass as they say ‘celebrities are there to be talked about’. However, it has come to my attention that a one Walus Wally is flooding bloggers inbox with a fake story about me wanting them to post so I get embarrassed.

To you Walus, honey, I have been embarrassed, dragged in the mud, used, spat on, Name it and I still rise up. This is nothing compared to what I have been through but one would ask themselves, if it’s nothing why is it taking so much of my attention? Well, the answer is simple, I am tired of idlers like you who think you can wake up and try to drag down someone who is fighting to be better. A lot has been done to people in the lime light and we suffer silently because at the end of the day we think because we r ‘celebrities’ we shouldn’t clear the air (as some find it cheap) Hell No! some things need to be put to a stop!

So many people have reported to me being conned of money in my name and whoever falls prey please wake up. I have not asked for money through any social media or on several numbers including 0788887468

So if you are very sure about your fabricated WhatsApp messages (even when there is proof that ain’t my number) ,come out of your fake account and show your true identity ,let us involve police and prove the worst in me. If you cannot do that, get a job; click here for DESIRE LUZINDA MUSIC. http://www.youtube.com/c/DesireLuzindamusic

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