Lato Milk extends to Tanzania, Rwanda

In a bid to extend global market, Lato Milk has extended its services to East Africa’s largest country Tanzania as well as the smallest country Rwanda. The full cream milk powder is now available in Magufuli’s land.


“If you happen to be in Tanzania, don’t forget to pick your favorite Lato Milk goodies! Stronger Bones Smarter Minds”, Lato Milk posted.

Lato Milk Full Cream Milk powder in your child’s everyday breakfast will provide them with the necessary nutrition and energy required for a growing child.


On the heels of its successful retail Launch in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, LATO Milk was introduced in Rwanda in April. The instant full cream milk powder which was the first product to be delivered from our portfolio was accompanied with a sustained soft launch marketing campaign aimed to boost awareness and engage customers in Rwanda. The reception so far has been very positive. This two phase launch activity was planned out separately for retail and wholesale markets.


The customer feedback from both these avenues has been tremendously insightful. The sampling phase, particularly in supermarkets (retail) generated significant interest and augmented sales and gave us a string foundation to build upon and take LATO mainstream in Rwanda.

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