Lambert publishes a new book dubbed ‘New World of Compassionate Capitalism’ to spearhead Economic War

A new book which is change the face of Africa is about to hit our book shelves.

The book titled ‘New World of Compassionate Capitalism’ by Charles N. Lambert, the leader of Africa’s first Economic War is set to be released.

The book which will be available on Redirect Mall will offer 1,000 Investment Points for it’s purchase and talks about how Africa can overcome the effects of Western World.

“Adam Smith used the book “Wealth of Nations” to justify Capitalism even to it’s cruelest form.

This book will debunk his work, break the foundation of his argument and make Capitalism look just as stupid as it really is.

God, the owner of the earth, is not like you. Skin colour means nothing to Him. He uses the foolish of the world to Confound the Wise.

Africa will “Rise and Rule” the World because of this Book and Compassionate Capitalism.

Soon available on Redirect Mall offering 1,000 Investment Points for it’s purchase. Africa First,” Charles N. Lambert said.

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