Kampala’s social scene quiets down as Ugandans seek asylum at home

For many Ugandans, last year’s hit song by Big Trill “Parte after Parte” was not just the theme song but a perfect description of the Kampala’s thrill seekers lifestyle.

A few months down the road from 2019, Kampala’s social scene has had a complete turn around as the party fever dwindles with several nations worldwide, including Uganda preaching of social distancing/self isolation as a safety measure to fight the spread of the Coronavirus, (COVID 19).

Social distancing and self-isolation has become the new normal.

Concerts like Johnnie Walker Isaiah Katumwa’s annual Jazz concert and the much anticipated Eddy Kenzo Festival 2020, have been cancelled altogether alongside other major shows like the Uganda-France Friendship Week’s Kassav Concert, Tusker Lite’s Kampala Night Run, Tugende Mu Kikade, Blankets and Wine etc that were pushed several months forward due to the global pandemic.

Revelers are now seeking asylum at home, resorting to merry-making with friends and family as the situation is monitored.

For those who are feeling like couch potatoes, here are the some ways to making this quarantine time at home fun, entertaining and worth your while;

Make The Kitchen Your New Office

Feeling idle or ‘redundant’ with work cut-off? The kitchen can become your new work-station.

This is the time to learn and create that scrumptious meal you have been wishing to prepare. Make use of those tasty delicious recipes that you have been putting off for a while and treat your taste buds to some delightful homemade cooking.


There is a Chinese video-sharing app called Tik-tok that several social media users are now joining as a way to fight the boredom. It is a fun social networking app where users create their own content by uploading videos while lip-syncing, singing, dancing or just talking. Celebrities both locally and internationally like Chris Brown, Kevin Hart, Justin Bieber and our very own Vinka, Spice Diana, Winnie Nwagi, Rachel K are now sharing entertaining videos for their fans’ amusement.

Read a Book

Now is the perfect time to open up those books that have collected dust on the shelves for a while.

Instead of dealing with the anxiety and hysteria from the news, soak your mind with a good read. It is soothing and will take you back to the good old times before the Internet.

Board Games, House Games

These are the perfect remedy for the whole house. It’s the perfect time to bond with family and this is the perfect starter pack.

Take a crack at any of these options and see the days go by a lot faster and easier. Otherwise, make your quarantine fun!

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