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Juicy By Radio & Weasel

Dynamic is now a word too small to describe these two. They deserve a more dangerous name. These boys have done it again. We are still getting over Kankunganye, Nah normal, Julaina etc, and they have hit us with this lovely sound.

Whenever Juicy plays, I find myself dancing along without even noticing. It has a very groovy sound not forgetting its catchy chorus. I usually complain about Weasel’s parts in these songs; but this time I must commend him on his efforts to add a little rhythm to it.Good lifeRadio and Weasel are very well known for their easy-to-learn lyrics, mainly in the chorus.

“You are Juicyyyy, juicy……”

Is what the chorus is mainly made of. Of course a few little more Swahili words fixed somewhere in the middle but the main word remaining “Juicy” word.

In Uganda, as an artist, as long as your music can cut across the different classes of society, then you consider yourself a musical success. From students, to market vendors, to ‘corporates’, this song is making its rounds. People are requesting for it all over the different media platforms.

It is climbing up charts at an incredible rate. This I can’t deny is a characteristic of an excellent Radio and Weasel jam. I like to think of this song as redemption from all the Naija nonsense they have littered our music scene with lately. I mean have you heard their ‘Jayz’ song with Wizkid? Hideous!

Washington is no longer just a producer; I’d like to declare him a music god. The guy puts his hand at a piece of work and it turns out well mastered. Talk of people who know what they are doing! He combined talent with these two again to make this mind blowing piece.

Well, I leave the rest of judgment of the song to you. I believe you will love it. If you do not, give it to a friend to try out their luck with it.

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