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Pretty Girls by Big Trill

Baboon forest has always been a very comic label. One would imagine that it would have lost its touch when Mun G left or when Treezy took over management, but every detail remained the same.Big Trill‘Pretty Girls’ is Big Trill’s latest hit; which I for one find very hilarious. The basic moral of the song is to inform Ugandan girls that they are very pretty no matter what they look like. However the chorus narrows the range of beauty to;

“Colour ya Zari, booty ya Luzida”.

This single-line chorus feels like to have to be pretty; one has to either have Zari’s colour or Desire Luzinda’s voluptuous body. But towards the end of the song, Treezy goes ahead to mention a few of Uganda’s pretty ladies, who include; Susan Naava, Flavia Tumusiime, Stella Nantumbwe, Natasha Sinayobwe etc.

So I guess if Desire and Zari fail you, choose from the above list and see where you belong. But if all fails, contact Big Trill and discuss a possible re-do to fix your category in.

Hip-hop in Uganda has gradually grown into a very big genre. Before everyone thought it was for the ghetto hustlers. I guess because their hideous dress code back then; but the rappers fought on, as the hustlers they were, and now, they are ripping.

Big Trill for one has caught on quite fast. I remember back in my school being in a crowd that bullied him for a song “Zizu” and watching him come as Keko’s extras for a show. But now I look on with respect at a star and CEO. Dreams surely do come true.

The jam is very groovy. A very danceable beat, for all those party animals out there, which has a lesson behind the humour. Buddiez productions have a way of making everything they put their machines on a miracle. This is one of those.

You can’t possibly have read all this and leave it here, go listen to the song, if you love it, share. If you don’t, give it to a friend to listen anyway.

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