Judith Heard Asks Urban TV’s Luswata Why ‘Insult Me On TV’

City socialite and fashionista Judith Heard has accused Urban Tv presenter Mary Luswata of always insulting her on a national television. The socialite accuses the ‘Scoop On Scoop’ presenter of abusing her on her show almost on a daily basis.Why me? Judith HeardWhy me? Judith Heard

Judith Heard is wondering why she does so and revealed that she has never asked why? The Flaunt Your Style boutique owner has advised the presenter to think twice and stop insulting her. “She needs to be taught manners on how to talk about people, if she wants cheap popularity she should let us know, we can help her”, Judith said. Heard’s comment comes after she revealed on her show that the socialite was semi illiterate or illiterate and she can’t exchange anything with her. The socialite is considering storming The Vision Group based station to ask the management on why the presenter abuses her.

Shut up: Mary Luswata

Shut up: Mary Luswata

Mary Luswata has earned her name from the show where she hits at celebrities like nothing. Most local celebrities have vowed to teach a lesson in case they bump into her.
Judith Heard QueenBee; Mary Luswata on urban tv has insulted me always n I have never asked her why? but this time she went too far by saying these words about me ” Judith Heard is nothing, I can’t exchange anything with her, she’s either illiterate or semi illiterate”


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