Jose Chameleone accuses Trace of sabotage

Jose Chameleone accuses Trace of sabotage

East African number one singing doctor, Jose Chameleone has accused Trace Mziki of sabotage. The accusation comes after the Tv station’s social media pages posted a note that ‘Ugandan DJs United Against Chameleone’. This post didn’t go down well with the Bayuda singer who later released a statement accusing the station of sabotage. He called on them to unifty Africa musically instead of exploiting it using hearsay. Here is the singer’s full statement;


SHAME on #TraceMziki; You are exploiting hearsay than living as example by Unifying Africa Musically!!!

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Professionalism is than this-

I have existed 16 years not by Favour or anything close. It’s Fans and the almighty who have given me an audience that you must achieve. The person doing your PR right here is not adding value to the Trace Brand we music makers have hoped to redeem us from segregation and all sorts. We anticipated your arrival but if this is the way then I am going back to school to learn and come seek a job!!!!! You can’t go so far without the Key Players who have grown this industry from Nothing!!!

If we didn’t gather East Africa together Musically you would never find a ready market for your viewership.

We Must partner to add and build Value to redeem our African music coz it defines who we are.

I am built on pillars made by the people who believe in My music therapy.

#SteveOgutu  #olivierlaouchezthis.

Such approach will paralyze your channel and East Africa Music entirely.

I love music East Africa with a passion from the time it had no shoes and you could never depend on it. Now it’s in sneakers and you arrive ??????

Regardless I will not bow to blackmail!!!!

Good music has no limits. My impact is felt by even the blind that don’t watch TV. And am on my highway to people’s hearts not eyes.

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Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone

The singer meanwhile had a busy weekend as he performed in Nairobi at Kungfu festival and then at Clouds Fm/Tv Fiesta 2016 at leaders Club in Tanzania all on Saturday.

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