Jazz and Beats comes to East Africa

Jazz and Beats African Tour will kick off on the 27th May 2016 starting at 7:00pm featuring celebrated drummer Eric Smith from Norway, Brian Mugenyi from Uganda, Joseph Hellon the Maestro from Kenya, and Banana Zorro from Tanzania along with other special surprise guest artists from Uganda. Concert tickets will be going for Ugx 200,000 for VIP and Ugx 100,000 for ordinary. A limited number of VIP tickets are available through Didi Communication Management offices at Acacia Mall Kisementi.

Part of the proceedings of the tickets sold for the event will be given to Starkey Hearing Foundation  an NGO which provides hearing aids to people in need in East Africa.

As part of the event, Eric Smith will also conduct master drum clinics, an idea where Erik Smith wants to provide a platform to nurture talent especially in Africa where talent has not been prioritized by many parents and the youth themselves. Eric has conducted drum clinics in America, Europe and Asia, so it was time to pass on his knowledge on the African continent.


Eric Smith the drummer says “I am very excited to be part of this event and to be coming to this part of the continent for the very first time. I have performed in North Africa and South Africa but I hadn’t had a chance to come and visit East Africa. I have heard a lot of good things about the East African countries and I can’t wait to come and perform in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.” “It will be an evening to remember, a great day it will be, having all these great musicians sharing one stage, our guests sipping on wine and having a nice meal while listening to all these great artists playing the night away.” Monica Aketch, the Managing Director of Afrost Events.

Jazz and Beats Africa Tour is powered by Afrost Events ( and it’s an annual event featuring acclaimed jazz artists, percussionists and instrumentalists, with an international headline artists and DJs in each country toured. The tour will be held in two sessions: Drum clinics and evening musical concerts.


All You Need To Know About Jazz And Beats Africa Tour

Jazz and Beats Africa Tour powered by Afrost Events is an annual event featuring acclaimed jazz artists, percussionists and instrumentalists, with an international headline artist and DJs in each  country toured. The tour will be held in two sessions: instrumental training and evening musical concerts.

It attracts an enthusiastic fan base with a chance to qualify for an intense drumming competition. The winner gets a chance to perform with the guest artist at the evening concert as well as record a song with local artists, among other various goodies.



Drum clinics are a series of organized drumming sessions yet to be organized in the host countries that is; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Drum clinics will be conducted by Eric Smith. These clinics aim at scouting and nurturing talent across the host countries. They will be conducted on merit base and the criteria will largely depend on the talent of an individual.


The Jazz and Beats concert will take place on the 27th of May 2016 and will feature Erik Smith

(Norway), Brian Mugenyi (Uganda), Joseph Hellon (Kenya), Banana Zorro (Tanzania) and many other artists from various genres across East Africa. The concert will be at Golf Course Hotel Kampala and will kick off at 7:00pm East African Time.


20% of the proceedings from the Concert will be donated to the Starkey Foundation to provide hearing aids to the needy children of the host countries.

For tickets information please contact;

Faizal Nalumenya 0774051227

Remmie Male 0772451224

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