Jaguar Lands Tusker Twende Kazi Show

Soon after releasing the hit song ‘Kioo’ which has currently taken over the airwaves, Jaguar seems to have discovered a new hobby which is all about delivering a Tusker to Humphrey Kayange, from Kenya to London through a 50-day journey to 8 countries.Jaguar serching for the next deal on his phoneJaguar serching for the next deal on his phone

Thanks to the #TwendeKazi reality television show, which involves an array of media personalities and showbiz icons, Jaguar is now part of the 25 pair celebrity team chosen for the show’s debut.

While many wait to see his prowess in the game, his fans are wondering just how strong his game will be, and whether this is the beginning of his acting career.

Having seen some celebrities multi-task spotlights in the past with some of them doubling up as musicians and actors, we can only wait to see if that shall that be the case with Jaguar.

A total of 25 teams of two each will take the long and sometimes 50-day journey to 8 countries through obstacles and find a way to get to London. 

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