Interview: Kasole confirms selling Kampala Parents School to Sudhir willingly

‘Sudhir paid my money fully’ – Kasole

Former Kampala Parents School owner, Edward Bwereere Kasole has spoken out on the latest rumour surrounding his former school’s ownership.

Kasole said he sold the school willingly. He said he went out looking for a buyer and he got Sudhir who he said paid him fully and went out of the school. His interview has settled the ongoing rumours about the school’s ownership.


He revealed that he has no issues with Sudhir saying the school is fully owned by the tycoon.

“Sudhir is my great friend, we sorted ourselves out”, Kasole said.


Below is his interview;

“I went out as a willing seller and I found a willing buyer. We sat and negotiated and we agreed and the man paid me fully and I walked away.

I think they are based on two, three factors.

One, parents in Kampala loved Kasole very much.

They could not believe that I was to leave.

My relationship with Mr Sudhir is excellent.

I love him very much. I like him. He is a good man. He paid me my money fully.

You see,I don’t have any issue at all.

Because I went out looking for a willing buyer and he bought the school.

And that’s why, for your information, may be you didn’t know, after I had sold the school, Mr Sudhir requested me to stay behind as an advisor. On request. And I stayed for a year. And he wanted to renew my contract and I said, ‘no’. I have trained you.’

He said stay behind and you train me. And for the whole year after selling the school, when holding parents’ meetings, I used to be the chairman.

Mr Sudhir used to sit in a certain corner. And I was only introducing him as the next owner of the school for a whole year.

And I said, bye, bye. He had wanted to give me a contract and I said, ‘no, no, I am going.’

I did not even have an account in Crane Bank. I didn’t have. Not even a savings account in Crane Bank. Never

I had not even met him before. It’s only the late Mr Kassaga Zzimwe, because he was apparent in my school, I am the one who inspired, I am selling the school.

Then we all went out to look for buyers.

Then we came with Mr Sudhir. We sat and agreed and he paid me cash and I walked away.

They have good reasons because there is a difference between Sudhir and Kasole. For example, I used to arrive at my school, KPS, at 6:30am, January to December for 23 consecutive years. Does he go there?

Parents were used to use their looks for someone they know.

I was shaking the hands of every child; looking at every child’s handkerchief, shoes and greeting parents who brought the children.

Those differences are still ringing in parents’ heads,” Kasole said.

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