iDROID’S Luganda Simu takes over as Uganda’s most popular Smart Phone

idroid Africa continued its winning streak of unveiling crowd favourite Smart Phones that have taken the Uganda market by storm.

As a year ender surprise, the giant smart phone maker unleashed the first ever Luganda smart phone at the close of December last year.

The idroid simu which went on sale on a few weeks into December won the hearts of many smart phone seeking customers who have since made it their favourite.

Milad Khairallah the Africell Commercial Director hands the new IDROID Simu to Adrian Mwesigwa as IDROID CEO Jawad Qureshi looks on

Milad Khairallah the Africell Commercial Director hands the new IDROID Simu to Adrian Mwesigwa as IDROID CEO Jawad Qureshi looks on

The first of its kind in Uganda iDROID simu is being offered FREE on Africell for customers who buy 3GB worth of data for 3 months at an unbeatable price of only 199,000/=.

The perfectly sized 4.0 inch Multi-touch screen is operational in Luganda and English. Its 5MP rear camera captures moments with clarity and has a standby battery time of up to 180 hours.

The iDROID Simu additionally incorporates iDROID’s latest innovative design and technology giving customers the ability to express their individuality in their mother tongue- Luganda; a language spoken and read by the majority.

And for those still seeking for a high end smartphone, idroid also lined the iDROID Hero 1 which is also FREE on purchase of a 3GB data package for 4 months for only 259,000/= at all Africell shops.

The Brand new iDROID Hero 1 offers unmatched style, performance along with enhanced features perfect for self-expressions. A perfect choice for those who fancy a good phone with admirable and user friendly attributes. Harriet Nankya a business lady explained her reasons for choosing the idroid simu “I am a mother of two young girls. The father of my children lives away Rwanda.

I needed a smart phone to take and send pictures of my girls progress to their father, communicate in a language we both understand.

The idroid simu was my best choice. I am happy now and so is my husband”. Idroid Africa co-founder Jawad Qureshi says their phones are made with the customer in mind, reason they become instant hits wherever they are positioned.

He asserted “As iDROID, we are committed to continued innovation, inspired by the feedback and needs of our wide range of customers.

The luganda smart phone was made with the Luganda customer in mind. It is no surprise our customers love this phone” Idroid Africa had at the start of the year launched the idroid Tango A5, the idroid Royal V7 which were also popular sell outs of the idroid phone family.

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