I have a lot for my haters – Lisa Mandy

Former super model and socialite Lisa Mandy aka Lee has a New Year message for her haters.

The socialite who is in town for holiday said she has a lot for her haters to be mad about.

Let them be patient and I will unleash what I have for them. The Finland based former model posted the message on her wall.

Lisa Mandy said she has much for her haters

Lisa Mandy said she has much for her haters

“Dear haters I have so much more for you to be mad about just be patient, I know you can’t stand the heat,” Lisa said.

Lisa Mandy looking sexy

Lisa Mandy looking sexy

The socialite was spotted at The Money Team (TMT) party last night in Guvnor dressed like a superstar. Indeed her haters are in for it.

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