‘I am a good player in the game’ – Hamisa Mobeto

‘I am a good player in the game’ – Hamisa Mobeto

Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobeto who is giving Zari Hassan sleepless nights after she gave birth to singer Diamond Platnumz’s son last month has said she is a good player in the game. ‘I am a good game player and don’t ever mistake my silence for ignorance,” she posted.

“I see you Ugandan ladies trying to change languages. Okay, meet your favorite lady from Tanzania. A mother of two,” Hamisa posted.

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The sexy babe also scoffed at her fans who are commenting on her wall in their mother tongues saying that they aren’t communicating with her but to themselves alone.

“Haha.Now some of you friends, why do you comment in your mother languages like kikuyu, Kiuganda,Ibo..Are you communicating with me or your selves? I am annoyed,” Mobeto posted.

“Raise your head above your shoulders. Look at people telling you are not worth. Feel their pain because they can’t stand the truth in their faces. Walk past them with confidence and continue hitting them with truths not claims,” Hamisa posted.

“The model herself! Beef all you want.Insult all you desire. A model she will always be!!!.Preaching self love,” Hamisa posted.

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