How special programs helped Kampala Standard Primary School – Kyanja emerge the best in 2022 PLE exams

How special programs helped Kampala Standard Primary School – Kyanja emerge the best in 2022 PLE exams

If you doubted why it’s important to blend academics with fun, then think again. Kampala Standard Primary School topped all schools in Uganda and had all the candidates who sat 2022 PLE came come in first grade with a single digit aggregate thanks to co-curricular activities.

The best had 5 aggregates and last had 9 aggregates making it the only school where all the pupils scored less than 10 aggregates.

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The school prioritises co-curricular activities and other international programs,that supplement academics to create first class products.

The Head Master Mr Simon Mugaaju revealed that as a policy KSP maintains a small number of pupils per class to enable the pupils concentrate better and excel. “This enables the teachers to concentrate on all the pupils and give the maximum attention”.

Mr Mugaaju also said Kampala Standard Primary School-Kyanja has special programs for children in collaboration with UK and USA based schools and organisations,the programs include exchange visits between UK,USA and Ugandan teachers and pupils.

He further said,
“KSP as Kampala Standard Primary School-Kyanja is popularly known has young Engineers program that helps to boost pupil’s critical thinking and lots of co-curricular activities that include swimming,scouting,sports,agriculture value addition among others”.

While Kampala Standard Primary School-Kyanja teaches Uganda’s national curriculum, they blend it with international content in order to make it holistic for children to learn with ease.

Founding Director Kampala Standard Primary School-Kyanja Dr Aggrey Kyobuguzi also posted on his twitter handle that in February 2023 a team from EDL and little children of Jesus christ based in Sacramento, California USA will visit Kampala Standard Primary School-Kyanja and Kentim School of Health sciences to interact with pupils,students and management while in August 2023 a soccer team from Kentim Sports Academy and Kampala Standard Primary School-Kyanja will play a friendly match in football camp in London,UK.

Deputy Head Master in charge academics Mr Samson Katubeeho said, “All the above activities supplement teaching to ensure that pupils access holistic education and excel”. Admissions for term one 2023 are on-going

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