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How SK Mbuga is slowly becoming Uganda’s golden personality and property mogul

Very few knew about him a few years ago but Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga popularly known as SK Mbuga is slowly becoming Uganda’s golden personality and property mogul.

SK Mbuga at one of his property

Unlike many other Ugandans who go abroad and make money only to blow it in nightclubs and bars as they show off, SK Mbuga went and made money and thought of a purpose of utiling it with wisdom.

SK Mbuga’s magnificient home in Buziga

“Let them do the bar showbiz by blowing millions in club but for me I will do my showbiz in property and investment,” he said.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible, I only pray to God that I stay alive, I will do wonders here,” SK Mbuga

Sky Apartments Buziga

Within a few years, the tycoon has changed Buziga Skyline with a number of property developments.

He has set up Sky Apartments with several units in the area changing Buziga Skyline to a magnificent view.

Also under construction in Buziga are Sky Complex and Saverite which have also added luxurious looks in Buziga Skyline.

“Believe you can and you are halfway there.” Why is the first step . . . “Believing in ourselves” so difficult? Setting our sites on a goal is certainly secondary to the first step… Believing in ourselves. Can you picture yourself achieving your goal? What is holding you back? Fear? Failure thoughts? Too much work? Place your mind’s eye on the goal, support yourself with encouraging self talk, determine to stay the course, make adjustments and pursue your goal. To grasp and embrace the thought that we have what it takes to work and stick to our commitment is the bedrock to success. Build your bedrock now. Believe you can,” SK Mbuga.

The Masaka born tycoon who recently officially married his lover Angella Vivienne Jalia Birungi Mbuga has not only stopped at developing own property. He has also decided to give back to the community by putting up a mega hospital in Kiwempe Zone Makindye. Nu-Shifah Hospital when complete will cost him over $4m. The general community hospital will treat all kinds of diseases.

One of his projects in Buziga

“People will no longer have to run to abroad for treatment, all diseases will be treated right from here. It will be the biggest and well equipped Hospital in the country,” SK Mbuga said.

When complete, Nu-Shifah Hospital will look like this

The tycoon has won public admiration because of the hospital project and is one of the most followed business personalities on social media in Uganda at the moment with over 255,000 followers.

SK Mbuga is involved in a number of property development

“Let them come and sleep in posh hotels but for me I have a home, why I would I sleep in a hotel when I can afford to build a home,” he said.

Frank Gashumba reading a magazine which featured SK Mbuga, the tycoon is slowly becoming a hero to many

SK Mbuga currently owns over 100 free hold land titles and over 30 titles of lease land. He attributes his success to God, hard work, determination and personality.

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