Stella Mwangi’s Single “Set It Off” featured on being Mary Jane Season 4

Stella Mwangi’s Single “Set It Off” featured on being Mary Jane Season 4

​It is confirmed by BET Networks that Stella Mwangi’s single ‘Set It Off’ off her Big Girl EP will feature as a soundtrack on the third episode of BET Africa’s show, Being Mary Jane Season 4 set to air on 24th January, 2017 (for the US audience). The multi-talented Kenyan – Norwegian artiste has been making Hollywood headlines with her EP since its release in 2016.

SET IT OFF will be used as described below:

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Approx. 00:30

The guest on Mary Jane’s show struts into the studio with her whole posse. Mary Jane crosses paths with them and then proceeds to find her producer to inform him of their arrival.

This is Stella’s second music project off the EP being featured on a Hollywood project. Her first single BIG GIRLwas leased to Donut Media – an American production that specializes in producing TV and YouTube content on the freshest car, motorsports, supercars, auto news and car and prank videos every week.

Stella Mwangi

The feature:

Stella Mwangi’s EP is a fusion of songs with high energy and her distinct Hip Hop flow that unites her fans across the globe. She continues to create a diverse sound, fusing Swahili and English in her European songs while remaining authentic to her African origin and style. It’s this very unique and authentic sound that has been sparking the interest towards Stella’s music in Hollywood circles.

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Celebrated for hit songs like “Haba Haba”, “Biashara”, “Lookie Lookie” and “Hoola Hoop” featuring Mohombi – Stella Mwangi is one of Africa’s most unique female artistes in the genres of hip hop/rap, afro pop, reggae, dance and world music. The singer/songwriter is also a rapper, live performer, and creative music director. She is also the founder of Vaa Ki Afrika – a sprouting Scandinavian fashion web store selling Kenyan fashion abroad. Bringing roots to the city – Vaa Ki Afrika is a brand inspired by traditional African wear, patterns and colors, with a fashionable Scandinavian twist to it. Among other projects, Vaa Ki Afrika outlines Stella Mwangi as a dedicated social entrepreneur. She recently launched her self- titled EP – Stella Mwangi.

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