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How Bobi Wine turned up at Chameleone Saba Saba concert

The recently concluded Jose Chameleone Legend Saba Saba concert attracted masses from all corners in and around town and it is not surprising that fellow artiste Bobi Wine who was not expected turned up to witness the much anticipated concert.

Bobi Wine arrived at about 10:30PM in company of about 15 other people and made his way to the VIP section. Chameleone who was on stage at first ignored him and continued his performance to another three songs before thanking Bobi Wine for unexpectedly showing up. “Thank you Bobi Wine for turning up.” Chameleone then asked all people wearing red beret to put them off as he invited Bobi Wine on stage. “This is not a political show and all people wearing Red beret kindly remove them for the moment”Chameleone requested.

Bobi Wine then stepped on stage and the pair mocked each other about their past which was full of fist fights but above all congratulated eachother for building and sustaining the music industry thus far. “You put about 1000 bricks on this mighty wall of Ugandan music industry” Chameleone praised Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine then perfomed his Kyarenga alongside Chameleone. A playful Chameleone mocked Bobi Wine by removing his red beret off his head” they played about.

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