Hellen Lukoma On Her Role In ‘Beneath The Lies’

Exclusive Interview

She has been all around and has acted in several drama series including the Hostel. She is among the cast of the latest production ‘Beneath The Lies’. Showbiz Uganda tracked her down and she told us about her role in the series.


SB: Who is Hellen Lukoma?
Hellen: I am an actress, singer, model, fashion designer and businesswoman who is down to earth and friendly.

SB: Tell us about your role?
Hellen: I act as Hellen Mutungi, an assistant having an affair with my boss…. I am held in that triangle and am a go-getter who is sexy. When I want something I go out and get it.

SB: How do you find your role?
Hellen: My role is unique, different from what I usually do. It is very unique and i love it.

SB: How do you compare it with the previous roles you have played in other films?
Hellen: I don’t want to compare. when am doing series, I do them differently. This is new and I have acted differently.

SB: What do you like about the role?
Hellen: It is interesting; I am working with talented people and I love it. I am where I want to be now. As far as acting is concerned, the sky is the limit.


SB: Have you met any challenges in this role?
Hellen: I have not faced any challenges in this role but every day is a challenge and I face it with positivity. I have not met any challenges yet in the ‘Beneath the Lies’.

SB: Do you see yourself as star given the fact that you have been in the game for some good years?
Hellen: To me it’s a journey but I am in a good place. I am not yet where I want to be. The sky is the limit and I am going big and big. I need to take over the world.

SB: How do you compare ‘Beneath The Lies’ and other local drama series?
Hellen: It’s the best we have ever had. It’s the best and I think it’s going to take over local industry especially series by storm.

SB: What should fans expect from Hellen?
Hellen: As Hellen Lukoma, fans should expect the best and should expect ‘Beneath the Lies’ taking Ugandan movie industry to another level.

Hellen Lukoma with Daniel Omara in Beneath The Lies

Hellen Lukoma with Daniel Omara in Beneath The Lies

SB: What is your say about Ugandan movie industry?
Hellen: Its growing, people are putting out better productions while others are willing to invest in it which is very good. It’s generally a promising industry with promising future.

SB: What is your last message to fans?
Hellen: I love them so much. In ‘Beneath The Lies’ we are promising the best, we are taking the movie industry to another level. I also call upon everyone to come to my fashion show ‘Genesis Nite’ on 19th December at Venom Beach Bar.

‘Beneath The Lies’ premieres in mid-December in Uganda and worldwide on a date yet to be confirmed.

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