Happy Chinese New Year, Harmonious Coexistence 2023

Happy Chinese New Year, Harmonious Coexistence 2023

Sponsored by the Bureau of International Exchanges and Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and organized by Beijing Startimes Media Co., Ltd., 2023 Happy Chinese New Year Celebration Month is being held from January 16 to February 15, 2023.

The African audience can watch programs through TV channels such as ST Sino Drama, ST Guide E, ST Guide F, ST Chinese Homeland, and ST Kungfu.

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In addition, viewers can also watch live and playback broadcasts online via the StarTimes ON mobile app. During the Month, African people can watch a series of programs of the Chinese new year customs, and Chinese food, beautiful sceneries and unique culture on TV and mobile devices.

Also on the show will be two magnificent Spring Festival concerts during the Month—-the 2023 “Harmony and Shared Future” Concert and the “Echoes of Ancient Tang Poems: iSING!Suzhou with the Philadelphia Orchestra” Chinese New Year Concert.

The two concerts combine eastern and western, traditional and modern music cultures, bringing a feast for the ears and eyes to the African audience.Meanwhile, a series of programs showcasing China’s beautiful sceneries and distinctive culture will also be broadcast during the Month.

The African audience can learn about China’s efforts in rural revitalization through tourism with the program “Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World”, experience the Silk Road journey and its culture through programs such as “Qinghai, the Province of Grand Beauty” and “Xinjiang is a Wonderful Place”. They can also explore villagers’ journeys of becoming wealthy through programs like “Yucun Village – A Place of Great Living”, “Returning to Nature at Ta Village” and other similar content. The quality content includes multiple themes, such as customs, rites, food, and scenery.

This will all converge for the 2023 Happy Chinese New Year Celebration Month which will highlight the unique profound culture of China. During the Chinese New Year, the African audience will be able to experience the harmony and beauty of the festival through TV programs, and join the Chinese people in the celebrations and share its culture.

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