Uwera Lyndah To Makes Her Film Debut

Uwera Lyndah To Makes Her Film Debut

One thing for sure is that Uganda’s film and drama industry has grown big compared to other previous years. Many times we have given much work talking about the music and fashion industry and forgetting that there is also amazing talent in the film business that needs to be given chance to showcase their work.

Thanks to different companies like MultiChoice Uganda who have kept a big role by giving Ugandan film talent a chance to show their work for Ugandans to enjoy on their different platforms like pearl magic among others.

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Besides that, Ugandans are yet again to enjoy a new comedy-drama dubbed Kabi and Kalo a sitcom comedy show which features a young talented Digital content creator, influencer Uwera Lyndah and Diane Omara among others.

The new comedy and drama show will be airing on YouTube only and currently, it has six episodes.

The show features a young man who is on the run from his debtors and ploys his way into a lucrative position as a conman who lately introduced his girlfriend into the business to make ends meet.

Under a theme of the rivalry between traditional and modern methods of hustling.

The new drama is set in a fictional firm whose business model is rooted in the Ugandan hustling life. Their target market is a youth group between the ages of 18-35 years whose lives are in need of saving. But is a lying and charismatic conman the right person to solve such problems?

During an interview, Uwera Lyndah said that she will continue to invest in such beautiful family dramas with an aim to give followers the best content that is very favorable.

She also added saying that she wants to bring more comic content to following through such stories that show the Ugandan cultural practice and also she encourages more youth mostly female or girl child to take part in such things to boast their talent.

Daniel Omara brings a lot of discipline with him, thanks to his formative years and exploits in film. He has acted on both stage, radio, and television. And he seems to put lots of heart into the different roles he gets assigned to, be it a walk through history in a play such as The Hostel among others Omara will embody his roles with grace.

His character in the new drama carries a lot of faces and has a heavy burden of driving much of the story and the comic relief, at least according to the debut episode.

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