Gorgeous Ellah talks to Showbiz Uganda about her career, love life and lessons from Miss Uganda, BBA experience

Gorgeous Ellah talks to Showbiz Uganda about her career, love life and lessons from Miss Uganda, BBA experience

Stellah Nantumbwe aka Ellah is  the former Miss Uganda 2013 and  The Big Brother Africa (BBA) Hot Shot Ugandan representative. We at Showbiz Uganda (SB) caught up with the gorgeous Ellah who recently acted in a stage Play (Musical) titled ‘Think Like a Man’ and she told us about her life, career and her role in the play. Read on…


SB: When and how did you start acting?

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Ellah: I would say Primary school, Music Dance and Drama (MDD) has always been my passion. But Professionally, I have been acting for two years. I feel like I’m still growing as but I’m looking forward to the journey and to getting even better at it.

SB: How has your BBA and Miss Uganda experience helped you in life?

Ellah: The exposure definitely gave me a career boost. Both were life changing experiences. I’m still honored to have been chosen.

SB: What was your dream job?

Ellah: … Don’t know how to answer that. However, I aim to follow my passion and do things I love. You succeed at things you are truly passionate about.


SB: Of recent you are acted in a Stage Play (Musical) titled ‘Think Like A Man’. Tell us about it and your role?

Ellah: I play the successful Young woman, who has trouble finding love because she has so many rules (financial ones included) but ends up falling in love with a man who breaks all those rules.

SB: Describe yourself in three words

Ellah: Enthusiastic, Charismatic and Bold

SB: Who is your favorite actor?

Ellah: Taraji P. Henson

SB: Tell us about your love life

Ellah: It’s existent, but never up for discussion. When the time is right however, it will be.


SB: What are the three things that you can’t live without?

Ellah: Family, God and Oxygen

SB: What have been your ups and low moments in your career?

Ellah: I have had plenty of both I can’t name them individually. However the ups and downs are both vital to where I am in my life now and how my career is growing.


SB: What do you do in your leisure time?

Ellah: Music, Movies and Food

SB: Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Ellah: Alive (IJN). Happy and extremely successful!


SB: What is your comment about acting industry in Uganda?

Ellah: It’s definitely blooming; Ugandans are more receptive to theatre and Ugandan Cinema.

SB: How do you look up to?

Ellah: My Mother, and every woman that has made something of herself. Be it big or small.


SB: What message do you have for your fans?

Ellah: I would like to just say Thank You! For all the love and support! God bless.


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