Frank Gashumba lauds SK Mbuga over Hospital construction

Inspirational speaker, civil and economic activist Frank Gashumba has applauded construction tycoon Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga popularly known as SK Mbuga for setting up a huge hospital.

SK Mbuga and Frank Gashumba at the site yesterday
SK Mbuga and Frank Gashumba at the site yesterday

SK Mbuga is currently constructing Nu-Shifah Hospital in Lukuli, Makindye Division in Kampala to serve all residents of Kampala City. Gashumba who visited the ongoing project praised Mbuga for being an example of person society needs.


“Development is measured through provision of social services like roads, hospitals, schools and clean water but not posh Shopping malls that are built, what Mbuga is doing is what we call giving back ton the community and a sign of development,” Gashumba said. Below is what Gashumba posted after his visit to the site of the proposed hospital;

How Nu-Shifah Hospital will look like when complete
How Nu-Shifah Hospital will look like when complete

“A development of a country is not measured by how many Posh shopping Malls that are built up”; but it’s Measured through the provision of Social Services. i.e Roads, Schools, Hospitals, Clean water.

Yesterday I toured my brother SK Mbuga’s proposed Hospital building situated in Lukuli Makindye Division. He is setting up a hospital that will be serving all residents of Kampala. The Hospital will offer a state of the art specialized treatment.

Nothing pisses me off like seeing Ugandans flying out to seek medical treatment in Europe, USA, Dubai, South Africa, India etc.


To me, that’s what I call giving back to communities. We will not be remembered by how many Posh cars we drove, how many Clubs we visited, how many Alcoholic drinks we tested, how many holidays we had. How many ladies we slept with. We will be remembered by how many lives we transformed or saved.

I wish these “Business men” who are begging us (tax payers) for bailouts had spent their borrowed money into useful projects that benefit all Ugandans instead of living a lavish life. All Ugandans would be out now to defend them. Thank you SK Mbuga. May your dream come true!!


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