Get Serious with information I give on the Economic War, Lambert tells State House officials after facebook suspends accounts

The leader of Africa’s Economic War and Black Wall Street chief, Charles N. Lambert, has called on government to take serious his economic war information.

The outspoken critic of Capitalists said this after several government officials and NRM leaders, bloggers and supporters had their social media accounts suspended or deleted.

He said the day they will start taking serious his information about economic war which he regularly shares is when their dramas will end.

“The day you begin listening to me, that’s the day your dramas will begin to end.

I have told you repeatedly that the world is about to be overtaken by Technology Companies. They will make governments look like jokes, weak and powerless.

They will control everything and they work together in a small circle of high grade Capitalists.

I have been designing the BWS Platform for 9 years not to depend on social media that we don’t control.

Get serious with this economic War.

Yesterday’s strategies are extremely weak today. Follow properly to avoid crying foul like this. Africa First,” Charles N. Lambert said.

Charles N. Lambert has the government needs to take his economic war information serious

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