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Get inspired!!! Racheal Lukwago Witherington tells us her story

Who is Racheal Lukwago Witherington?

Racheal; Well am an entrepreneur, a graphics editor, a voice over artist and philanthropist. Through doing the above, i have achieved a-lot.

What is your story?
Racheal; My story is that of rags to riches, I have worked my butt off to reach where I am now. I have never scorned any job, i respect all hustles.

What is your message to the public?
Racheal: My message to the public is to trust God and never give up, because you may never know who is looking up to you! You owe them the victory.

Tell us about your love life?
Racheal; Well i am married to a lovely man, Barry George Witherington, that’s where I get my last name.

When in UK we live at Westgate Court, Waltham Cross Enfield and we stay in Kansanga while in Kampala.

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