Ganda Boys honoured during East Coast USA Tour-November 2016

The Ganda Boys have had a busy year raising awareness for the Forgotten and the Voiceless, continuing their ultimate goal to raise funds towards the refugee programs in Education Awareness, Health and Social Welfare.


On return from their front line visit to Nyumanzi Refugee Settlement Camp in Adjumani District in August of this year where they were able to get to the front line to deliver essential supplies and capture heartfelt stories via documentary they flew to the US where they performed in LA and New York.

The Ganda Boys are now returning to the East Coast for a series of honorary performances and concerts. Their first meeting is with the UN on Nov 10th to celebrate Uganda’s contribution to the Refugee Global Crisis and to be recognized for their contribution.


This will be followed by a performance to raise money for refugees and a reception organized by the United African Congress for our social and humanitarian contribution to the world. “The Forgotten People” has been nominated in the category of Best Social Action at the Independent Music Award’s.

As a result the Boys will be performing at the prestigious Lincoln Centre on November 12th at the IMA’s Party along with artists like Jonath Smith, Seth Glier and Sofia Rei amongst others. To end their tour they will be performing at the Healing and Reconciliation concert in Washington DC on Sunday 13th November, where they will sharing the stage with such luminaries as Marianne Williamson and Kristin Hoffman. For more information about GF and its work visit www.gandafoundation.co.uk

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