Airtel Uganda advances Kyabise20 product to include free services

Free services include Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook

With the increasing number of internet users, Airtel Uganda has come up with an affordable way to keep its customers online and with access to better call rates all over the country with the advanced Kyabise20 combo.

The Kyabise20 is the ultimate go-to bundle for the average Ugandan who needs to stay connected. With this upgraded service, customers not only have access to affordable calls – but a 3-in-1 opportunity to call, SMS and surf the internet.

The 3-in-1 combo is inclusive of, 20 Minutes, 20SMS, 20MBS and an additional sweetener of free 50MBS for WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook for 24hours all at only UGX 1,500.

This is a product only accessible by Airtel subscribers as reward for their loyalty to the brand and also as a way of easing communication through affordable rates. The Kyabise20 is part of the various products Airtel Uganda has developed to satisfy the needs of their clients.


Commenting about Kyabise20, Airtel Uganda’s Head of Usage and Retention, Consumer Understanding, Mrs. Nellie Mwandha says; “Airtel Uganda doesn’t only focus on providing the best telecommunications services but also aims at continuously providing solutions that will facilitate their customers’ full access to affordable and diverse services – the Kyabise20 provides exactly that.” She said

“We believe this package will serve people at various stages when carrying out their day to day activities and help them utilize the smartphone network” she added.

Airtel Uganda’s approach to business is to identify problems in the sector and adequately birth solutions that suit the ever evolving telecommunications industry. With the Kyabise20, every individual has an opportunity to call at cheaper rates and stay connected online with its free whatsapp, twitter and Facebook.

To load the Kyabise20 Simply dial *149*4# and enjoy the offer that is valid for 24 hours.

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