Fyonna Nsubuga Set For ‘Mpaka Mwisho’ Premiere In Kampala

Fyonna Nsubuga Set For ‘Mpaka Mwisho’ Premiere In Kampala

UK based Ugandan diva Fyonna Nsubuga will kick off her ‘Mpaka Mwisho’ single East African tour with its video premiere in Clubs Silk, Amnesia and Venom in Kampala.Fyonna Nsubuga

Fyonna Nsubuga

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The singer declared yesterday on KFM that she is single but not searching. She said this was due to a very big ambition she has of turning around her music career. “I have no one and I am not searching.I am married to my music at the moment,” she said.

The ‘Mpaka Mwisho’ singer is back in Uganda to rejuvenate her music career after two years of study leave in the UK. Her first premiere is on this Tuesday at Club Silk then on Thursday 26th she will be at Amnesia with her final premiere at Venom Beach Bar on Sunday 29th June 2014.Premiere poster for Fyonna NsubugaPremiere poster for Fyonna Nsubuga

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