Full Moon Rave lites up Busabala’s lakeshore from dusk till dawn

Full Moon Rave lites up Busabala’s lakeshore from dusk till dawn

Busabala: Saturday night’s Easter Full Moon Rave was one for the books as hundreds of party-goers turned up at the lakeshores of Busabala Nature’s Green Resort Beach to witness the thrills of partying under the moonlight.

It was a perfectly moonlit night fueled with enough drinks from Tusker Lite, with activities like neon face painting, tattooing, roasting and dancing to various eclectic music genres played by over 20 DJs that performed all night long.

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The night was host to scores of different guests like tourists, travellers, hippies and Kampala’s party people who were all-too-thrilled to be letting loose on the sand-covered beach with non-stop music.

For many, the distinctive sounds of techno music, drums and bass, house, reggae, afro, electric that thundered through the venue kept party-goers charged up and active throughout the DJ sets.

Most notable was DJ Zato who blazed the night away alongside her counterparts Jokwiz and Sheila Salta lighting the stage on fire during her electrifying set.

“Tonight has been a fun and exciting night for everyone. Our brand sets out to push boundaries and give Ugandans a wholesome experience like never before. This is a unique one-of-a-kind event that we are sharing with Kampala party lovers and I am glad everyone came out prepared to enjoy themselves,” shared Prudence Vera Mukami, Tusker Lite Brand Manager.

DJs Melodic Inversions, Soul Tribe, Hola Jefe, Little Black Kid, Reign Drops, FLO and others continued to boost the party mood by the minute with thrilling mixes till dawn of Easter Sunday.

The Full Moon Rave celebrates the lunar phase when the moon is completely illuminated and the skies are clear as party lovers dance the night away from dusk to dawn.

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