From being Miss Teen to television star, Meet Sasha Ferguson Uganda’s fast rising tv personality

From being Miss Teen to television star, Meet Sasha Ferguson Uganda’s fast rising tv personality

Sasha Ferguson is a presenter at WBS’ Teens club but strictly does top 5 countdown segment on Saturdays from 11-12pm. However, she is soon switching to her new program which she said people should wait for on the same station. Sasha was born in 1995 in Mulago hospital to Mr Kenny and Mrs Fiona Terizake. When she was younger, she wanted to be a lawyer and saw herself making the best female lawyer in Uganda but it has gone her way. She went to Greenhill Academy for her kindergarten, Buganda Road primary school, Aga Khan High school for her O’level and St Noa Girls for her A’level and she is currently in Makerere University doing a degree in Social Science. Showbiz Uganda team talked to Sasha about her life, career and what future holds for her..Read on….Her childhood dream was to become a lawyer

Her childhood dream was to become a lawyer

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SU: Tell me about yourself?

Sasha: First and foremost am a God fearing lady brought up in a family of two children me being the first born, my brother is just 10 years. I am quite reserved, I may say pretty hard for me to make friends. I live in a small world with a few people in my circle, am very ambitious, talkative when it comes to my work of course am paid to talk, hahaha and lastly I have a strong passion for fashion.

SU: When did you join TV and how?

Sasha: I joined Tv in my S3 that was in 2011 officially. However, the previous year 2010, I was in the making of becoming a tv personality and this was after I emerged Miss teens 2009 then organised by record tv and a couple of more sponsors. It was a time for my breakthrough to the limelight, deals came to me here and there but of course I was too young to make my own choices so my parents got involved. My mum supported me so much from day 1 of starting tv but I could laugh at myself with such thoughts running through my mind “how can I spend my time talking to cameras which can’t even respond to me”. It was a challenge at first because I did not see myself becoming a television personality but then God always plans and shapes our future better than we ever can. [adrotate banner=”3″]

SU: How do you find TV career?

Sasha:  Of course in all we do, there must be a strike of balance. Tv has been such an amazing experience, meeting new people, working on different exciting projects, getting exposed to the kind of life most youth desire but on the other side, it has been challenging. First I thank my mother who taught me how to stand as a lady with direction in life otherwise there are a lot of things that can take you up in this kind of world because of the exposure, things of living up to the celebrity lives, not missing parties, fear of being judged extra, all these this would have made me lose my way but I decided to be patient at heart.Sasha is one of the best upcoming tv stars

Sasha is one of the best upcoming tv stars

SU: What do you think of the Ugandan TV industry? Sasha: Ugandan TV industry, uhmmm…looks like everyone is becoming a tv personality that is totally loosing meaning. We can’t live up to the International level but a bit of revamping is needed.

SU: Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Sasha: In the next five years, Well I see myself having completed my degree in social science at Makerere University, am a CEO of Sash Fash collection, fashion collector of trendy ladies outfits though doing e-commerce for now, one orders and pays on delivery so in 5 years God willingly, Sash Fash label will be in existence physically. I also want to rebuild an orphanage i had built a year back but gave it a break to pursue my education, I had to take care of first “children of promise” and finally a show of my own.

The presenter has passion for fashion

The presenter has passion for fashion

SU : Sex life is an important thing in life. Tell us about your sex life?

Sasha: hahaha, sex life!…Well! I have a way I keep myself sooo occupied and right now, am building my life, I work every day of my life because am sure if you need a gentleman in your life, you must surely make a lady of class out of yourself. Right now am a little more focused on my education and work.

SU: Now you that you have become a lime light person, how do you cope up with the much demanding male fans who advance on you?

Sasha: Male fans. I give the world what am expected of, if they loved me because of my tv status then it should stay that way, can’t offer them more but to keep doing my work better and better every time.

SU: What do you do apart from being a television star? Sasha: A couple of things; commercial model, C.E.O of sash Fash collection, events emcee, writer and student.

Sasha says she is a lady of class and style

Sasha says she is a lady of class and style

SU: Who are your idols?

Sasha: My mother because she is a lady of dignity, Oprah Winfrey, Giuliana Rancic…I admire the strong women they made out of themselves.

SU: What would you advise the youth?

Sasha: Patience and Persistence is the way forward in life…learnt it from a soul mate and it’s my advice to all youth out there.

SU: And lastly, what do you in your free time?

Sasha: oh..In my free time, I do a lot of reading, love filling my brain with knowledge, I go for theater plays and spend as much time as I can with my beloved ones.

Sasha can also do commercial modeling

Sasha can also do commercial modeling

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