FDC should utilize window opportunity-Gen. Muntu

The FDC presidential aspirant, Gen.Mugisha Muntu has Thursday 2nd November encouraged party delegates to embrace the opportunity of local political leadership.

With the progressing FDC presidential campaign, Gen. Muntu yesterday held delegates meeting in Mpigi central town, Mpigi district.

Former army commander, Gen. Muntu advised fellow opposition leaders to enhance the opportunity offered of competing in local leadership.

“We must take chance of window opportunity when the rivals are still in unrest,” he noted, due to “togikwatako” ideology

Furthermore, the current FDC party president, Gen. Mugisha Muntu urged delegates to “take over both LC 1 and 2” positions besides women’s committees.

Comparing FDC and NRM political, his opposition party (FDC) is systematically way beyond the ruling party (NRM) hence the reason of belief to over throw Museveni’s government.

Assuring generational governance of FDC, “our uniqueness in political leadership is just democracy,” Gen. Muntu said adding that the party has “no granted leader to rule without being opposed” by fellow party members for years.

This is one of the leadership systems he initiated to emphasize what democracy is in the party when he unfortunately decided to challenge Dr. Kizza Besigye twice in 2009 and 2010.

“Our (FDC’s) constitution is static and true”, where the party president is only obliged to “rule the party ” for only two terms. One term of leadership last only for a period of five years.

Leaders were advised to organise themselves to be the only ruling party on local level. His opinion regards delegates, “strength of the nation lays within local leadership.”

Addressing the guests, “for the opportunity you wished, so its available,” the aspirant assured them FDC taking over government leadership while requesting for vote support.

Today’s FDC meeting was held in Mpigi embraced by party leaders from Gomba, Butambala and Mawokota.


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