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Events promoters and Venue owners be on watch out, December is here

By Dixon Bond Okello

December is the month that most concerts are organised in Uganda. It’s also the month that most promoters and venue owners are cheated by artistes, Comedians and their managers.

It’s funny, unbelievable and rather pathetic that an artistes can take money from 5 different organisers for different shows/concert on the same day.

Not even a Prophet, can be in five different venues at the same time. At the end of the day, property at the venue is destroyed, the innocent promoter is arrested and his reputation is dented.

To all promoters, learn from your seniors, like Balaam and Bobkins, who only sign contracts in the presence of a competent lawyer. That way you can corner the artiste and his fake manager and they will pay back all you money plus damages.

It’s also important to hire a well-established private security companies like KK, Tiger, G4S and Pinnacle as you can’t fully trust our police alone. Most bouncers are criminals and the further you keep them from your event venue the better. Kindly keep our revellers and venues safe this December.

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