EU celebrates International Youth Day 2019

EU celebrates International Youth Day 2019

Following worldwide celebrations of International Youth Day on Monday, the European Union Delegation to Uganda hosted over 200 young people to a Creative Morning at the Innovation Village to commemorate the day under the theme ‘Transforming Education.’

The engagement was attended by young women and men across the education, business, creative arts and governance sectors from all regions of Uganda and was mainly focused on three issues; the future of education in Uganda, technology advancement and gender equality.

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“The European Union has made efforts in our regional tours to make education more relevant, equitable and inclusive for all youth in Uganda regardless of their social, and economic backgrounds. However, this will be possible if the youth continue to push for it themselves,” Thomas Tiedemann, Head of section for Government and Human Rights at the European Union Delegation to Uganda said.

The event that was organised by Faraja Africa Foundation, a youth-led organisation that is focused on social entrepreneurship featured a panel discussion where panelists discussed gender disparities, and government and private sector efforts in improving the state of education in the country; an exhibition where innovative young people showcased their talent and creations; and an open dialogue that allowed for participants to make contributions and share what they would like to see improve in the state of education in Uganda.

Emmanuel Wabwiire, the founder of Faraja Africa Foundation, applauded the European Union for empowering the youth in Uganda to discover their potential in different fields of life. Hecontinued to say that the Ugandan youth had for a long time been marginalized in many spheres ranging from employment opportunities to leadership.

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