Esther Files For Divorce From Hubby Nico

City socialite Esther Akankwasa has filed for divorce from husband Nico Damminger.Nico and Esther on their wedding dayNico and Esther on their wedding day

The couple have been married for 13 months after tying knot last year.

Esther accused Nico of cheating on her with dancer Rozmerie Atim and several other top city babes while Nico also accuses his estranged wife of cheating on him with Kampala dudes.EstherEsther told us that his hubby continued cheating on him even though she grabbed him red handed with a dancer and he apologized.Nico DammingerNico Damminger

She said he couldn’t control his love for Kampala girls and continued seeing many behind my back and taking them to German for sex filled fun. “My man knew half of Kampala Facebook girls”, she said.

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