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Development Channel’s innovations confirms Africa’s illiteracy and backwardness

The African under development has much been attributed to all the wrong factors. Top of this list is that Europe and other developed countries are the reason behind the under development of the African continent.

Walter Rodney’s book on how Europe underdeveloped Africa has only given more emphasis to the very wrong factor which is blaming external influences all the time and never looking at the Africans themselves, their institutions, their character, their sense of patriotism, their dogmatism, their inferiority complex, their pull down syndrome, their cruelty and their self-centered and highly corrupt attitude to fostering development in the continent.

The greatest mirror to the fact that Africa’s underdevelopment is due to the Africans themselves and not any external factors is the case study of African led Development Channel. Development Channel which owns the world’s first international development Mobile App is by far the greatest combination of high level intellect packaged in the most unprecedented innovations that any nation in the world including the United States of America will be very proud that it emanated from their society. Their module is a complete robust system that harnesses all the important business, social, political, and economic issues facing the continent into a very harmonious viable and pragmatic solution.

Development Channel is a conglomerate of 25 companies which all function through a Mobile App known as the mother App. The 25 companies are focused on creating a strong middle class, food security and strong infrastructure among all of Africa’s 1.3 billion people population. The operational module does not seek sponsors or so called “Development Partners” from other countries and has refused to give any shares to the rich or upper class in Africa. In contrast to all the practices of past initiatives, they have tried to make average poor Africans especially women, children, widows and the most downtrodden people “shareholders” or lifetime beneficiaries of the activities of the 25 companies so the proceeds go to them and not to foreigners or wealthy Africans. In seeking the billions of dollars required to fast track the continent’s development, Development Channel has declared Africa’s first economic war and has vowed to cut down the capital flight which is right now at $203 billion dollars by $100 billion dollars over the next 3 years with the proceeds used for the development of the continent and not seeking aid and loans from so called wealthy nations. They have also involved teachers in this economic war because they are the least paid yet most important public servants so giving them a chance to increase their salaries while enlightening the public on the issues of capital flight. They have created Africa’s first child support program which actually has more features than anything available in the Western societies and intends to use part of the economic war and capital flight proceeds to support children for the first time in the history of Africa. Development Channel has also created Africa’s first economic system which provides both individual economic profile and area economic profile helping to have a more pragmatic approach to individual and community economic empowerment as well as uniting the entire African economy for the first time in history.

While tens of people in the UK, US, Canada and other Western countries are pleading daily to invest in Development Channel’s initiative and constantly denied any such opportunities, some in Africa are calling it a scam. Why would any police anywhere in Africa even try to arrest the leaders and staff of such a great company? Why would any government agency freeze their bank accounts? Why would any African media write negative articles without any merit about such a laudable endeavor? Who bewitched us in Africa and made us enemies of our own progress? Why do we blame the “White Man” when we are our own worst devils? There is nothing that has proven the high level of illiteracy and backwardness of Africa in impeding her development such as the way Development Channel has been unjustly, foolishly and ignorantly disturbed by Africans themselves. May God save us from this satanic and barbaric lifestyle of shooting ourselves in our own foot and may the spirit of wisdom that is most evident in Development Channel and its founder Charles N. Lambert, lead it to the most anticipated liberation of the African continent.

The pictures above show how DC built Road, DC Fed Kibera, DC created 5,000 jobs, DC empowered  single mothers

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