Citizens rate safety measures at night

In a poll posted by Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC),49% citizens totally feel safe when outside alone at night. They say trend line of trust in law enforcement is positive.

The poll was; To what extent do feel safe in your community when you are outside alone at night?

18% of the respondents say they feel safe to a great extent, 31% say a lot, 27% say a little while 25% say not at all.

Also 50% of Kampalans have rated condition of food handling and food hygiene positively. 50% negatively.

In a poll question, Do you live or work in Kampala City? How do you rate condition of food handling and food hygiene practices?

0% of the respondents say it is excellent, 50% say it is good, 33% say it is poor while 17% say it is very poor.

Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC) has introduced daily polls on different subjects affecting the communities and the poll questions are posted on their social media platforms every day.

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