Cindy, Feffe Bussi to trade music for Football

Cindy, Feffe Bussi to trade music for Football

Tonight, rapper Feffe Buusi is set to grace the stage during the Guinness Night Football that is slated to take place at the Thatch Gardens in Mbale Town.

Rumor has it that besides performing for his fans, the star will also be playing the night football after he promised fans that stay away and watch on the sidelines. The rap genius has already set up his own team who are ready to take part in the fun competitions this weekend.

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Even better, the star will be going head to head with The King Herself, Cinderella Sanyu who
is set to serenade her hometown fans with a live performance during the night’s activities.

The two are set to perform at the Guinness Night Football series an event that has been making rounds within the country with its last stop being Fort Portal during whichthe UPU stars came out victors sealing their spot in the finals.

The event will also see town folk take part in various football activities like 5-Aside football, Table
Foosball, Human foosball and local skill challenges like “Mirundi” and “Kagere” with the wining team setting its sights on the grand prize.

Whoever wins in Mbale this weekend will make their way to Kampala for the grand finale.

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