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Chimpundu Lodge praised for it’s quality customer service

Luxurious Chimpundu Lodge in Kibale National Park has been lauded for it’s excellent and quality customer care. 
Grace Linda who spent her Easter Holiday at the luxurious place said the quality customer service that has long abandoned the hospitality business is back and it can be found at Chimpundu.
Below is her experience at the safari lodge;
“Easter Easter !! As we celebrated the Resurrection of Christ, we got to meet  Royalty in the Flesh. _The King of Toro at Chimpundu Lodge.
For me it wasn’t so much the structure but the quality of customer service that has long Abandoned the Hospitality Business.
I don’t know if it is in the Batoro nature but the calm, the tone with which they spoke, translated into very polite despite the changes and extras we asked for.
Grace Linda describes service at Chimpundu as quality. She is seen here with her kids and Tooro king Oyo
With it raining all day, everyday, I also appreciated the constant supply of tea.
All in all Easter was very calm and nice right at the heart of Kibale Forest the Primates Capital,” Grace Linda shared.

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