Centenary Bank Joins Muslim educators for Ramadhan

Centenary Bank Joins Muslim educators for Ramadhan

Kampala: Centenary Bank, Uganda’s leading commercial microfinance bank has reinforced its commitment to education today by joining educationists from Islamic schools to highlight their contribution to the education sector.

The gathering occurred at an iftar dinner, which brought together head teachers from the Uganda Muslim Teachers’ Association (UMTA), the Uganda Muslim Education Association (UMEA), and management committee chairpersons from 100 schools. The event was held at Mariam High School in Kisaasi.

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Speaking at the event, Mr. Michael Jjingo,the General Manager, Commercial Banking at Centenary Bank, emphasized the importance of partnerships and collaborative efforts in impacting the lives of individuals and the broader community. Additionally, the Bank pledged 50 bags of cement to support Mariam High School Kisaasi’s ongoing construction project.

Centenary Bank sets apart 2% of net profit every year for philanthropy through Corporate Social Responsibility. This contribution positively impacts education and community welfare.
“Today marks 12 years since we initiated this deliberate engagement and relationship with members of the Ummah. We have chosen to come together with members of the education sector to express our gratitude for their selfless contributions in shaping our futures. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Super Supreme Mufti, Sheikh Mohammad Shaban Galabuzi, for honoring us with his presence at this event, where we are forging connections between education and finance. In appreciation of Mariam High School for hosting us, the bank is donating 50 bags of cement for development projects within the school,” Jjingo pointed out.
Sheikh Mohammad Shaban Galabuzi, the Super Supreme Mufti of Uganda, expressed his gratitude to the bank for bringing together Muslim educators.

“It is a great honor for me to stand before a room filled with individuals who have made significant contributions to education. I want to express my gratitude to Centenary for organizing this event. Unlike in the past when one could survive without it, education has become an essential tool in today’s world, especially as technology has taken Centre stage. We must unite and utilize our diverse skills to ensure that we secure a literate generation capable of leading us into the future,” Galabuzi emphasized.

Centenary Bank offers tailor-made banking solutions for different demographics including the education sector.

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