The electrifying chemistry between Nicholetta and Kenny Rukundo in DamaLie; a Dynamic Duo on and off-screen

The electrifying chemistry between Nicholetta and Kenny Rukundo in DamaLie; a Dynamic Duo on and off-screen

The allure of a TV show or movie often lies not just in its engaging plot, but also in the chemistry between its characters. Within DStv and GOtv’s Pearl Magic Prime’s drama series, DamaLie, Aber Nicoletta Leonarda who plays Druscilla, and Kenny Rukundo as Noah have undeniably seized the viewers’ attention and affection with their portrayal of love.

In episode 2 of Home of Our Stars, Flavia Tumusiime delves deeper into the details of this captivating duo, providing insight into the dynamics that make their performances so compelling.
Nicholetta, a recent graduate, reflects on her acting journey, tracing it back to primary three when she first starred in a school drama. “When I joined secondary school, I began participating in theatre dance, and that’s when my passion for acting blossomed,” she recounts. She further narrates, “However, it was the minor role I undertook in Kyaddala that propelled me into more significant roles.”

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Rukundo, on the other hand, shares a different perspective, expressing that acting was something he never thought he would pursue. However, he recounts how he entered the film industry.
“During my S.6 vacation, I was scouted by Ronny Mulindwa to join his modeling agency. After about a month, he introduced me to acting. I became involved in a theater production called Goddess of the Nile, where I discovered my passion for acting. Later, I joined Prestige, which opened doors to further acting opportunities,” he explained. He added that his love for storytelling has propelled him deeper into the industry.
As young talented actors, they share some challenges they have dealt with being in the public eye.

Nicholetta acknowledges that maintaining a public persona poses a significant challenge. “When I’m out in public, people recognize me, and I find myself unable to do certain things because I have to uphold a certain image,” she explains. Expanding on this, she adds, “Many children look up to me and admire my character, so there’s a pressure not to let them down. I want them to understand that despite being on TV, I’m still just Nicholetta and most importantly, I’m human with flaws.”
Rukundo concurs with this sentiment, stating, “With fame comes great responsibility. You have to be mindful of your actions because now everyone is watching you.”

Viewers of DamaLie, have seen the characters of Noah and Druscilla blossom into this forbidden love. Rukundo and Nicholleta speak of how each of their partners’ characters relates to their real lives.

“Nicholetta is affectionate, and I’ve observed the authenticity of her interactions with her friends, peers, and family,” Rukundo shares. “She naturally infuses this genuineness into her on-screen character.”
Nicholetta reciprocates the sentiment about Rukundo, stating, “Kenny is incredibly humble, caring, and consistent, both on and off the screen. He’s genuinely a good guy.”
With such palpable chemistry between them, Flavia inquires about how they manage to embody their characters as lovers. Rukundo explains that for their on-screen relationship to resonate, they have to temporarily set aside their personal relationships until they are off-screen.
He elucidates that, “When we’re on set, I have to establish a connection between my character and hers, Druscilla. For it to feel genuine and believable, there needs to be an emotional bond between the characters,” further adding, “I believe it’s crucial to develop a friendship. In our case, we met on the first day of shooting, and she’s a natural. I drew inspiration from her energy, and the experience was truly remarkable.”
Flavia further queries how they reassure their partners that their on-screen romance isn’t real. Rukundo explains, “When your partner enters your life fully aware of your career, compromise is essential, and there’s usually a discussion between both parties.”
Nicholetta adds, “He needs to be supportive, but naturally, given the attractiveness of my on-screen partner, there was some tension initially. However, he’s learned to compromise.”
Rukundo similarly adds “There are boundaries between us…we have limits, I want to thank MultiChoice and M-Net for ensuring there is Parental Guidance (PG) rating on this and other shows.” He however adds that, “It is hard to convince people that this is nothing happening because it looks so real that sometimes it feels so real to us on screen.”
While most Ugandan local content on DStv and GOtv is family-friendly, customers are able to set parental control with pins for specific shows and even channels on their decoders to limit content they deem unfit for their families.
When discussing their aspirations for the future, Rukundo expresses his desire to star in an action movie, while Nicholetta aims to portray a villainous character. Reflecting on their motivations, Nicholetta emphasizes, “My passion for acting is my primary driving force,” while Rukundo acknowledges, “Money has never been my sole motivation, but as my mom advises, never undersell your talents. I typically consider the offer before committing to a project.”
Regarding the industry’s trajectory in the coming years, Rukundo notes the current robustness of the film industry, stating, “The industry appears promising; there’s a growing demand for Ugandan content across various platforms, which is fantastic.”
Home of Our Stars offers viewers an intimate glimpse into the lives of the talented individuals we see in our favorite drama series. Don’t miss DamaLie every Monday to Wednesday on Pearl Magic and Pearl Magic Prime at 7:30 pm. If you missed season 1, catch it on DStv Stream and GOtv Stream.

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