Celebrating the Remarkable Legacy of Sir Gordon Wavamunno

Celebrating the Remarkable Legacy of Sir Gordon Wavamunno

A star-studded gathering of distinguished guests, including Ambassadors, Ministers, and members of parliament, converged at the Serena Kampala on Friday, August 25th, to pay tribute to the illustrious legacy of Sir Gordon Wavamunno.

The event was organized by UAP Old Mutual Insurance Uganda where he was a shareholder and board chair.

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The celebration unfolded under the theme of black-tie elegance, reflecting the grandeur of Sir Gordon Wavamunno’s impactful journey in the world of business, philanthropy, and society. The event served as a testament to his exceptional contributions and influence across various sectors.

The evening began with a warm welcome from Stephen Chikovore, UAP Old Mutual Managing Director, who expressed the company’s deep admiration for Sir Gordon Wavamunno’s entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership.

The Managing Director remarked, “Sir Wavamunno’s journey is an inspiration for all of us at UAP Old Mutual. His relentless pursuit of excellence and his ability to turn challenges into opportunities are values that resonate with our organization’s ethos.”

A poignant highlight of the event was the unveiling of a retrospective showcasing Sir Gordon Wavamunno’s life achievements, from his pioneering forays into dry cleaning, hotels, transport, and more, to his significant philanthropic endeavours that have left an indelible mark on the Ugandan community.

The keynote speaker Prof. Samuel Sejjaaka shared his perspective on Sir Wavamunno’s legacy stating that; “We are honoured to celebrate a man who has not only shaped the business landscape of Uganda but has also been a beacon of hope through his philanthropic work. His life is a journey of commitment to excellence and innovation.”

As the evening ended, the overarching sentiment was one of reverence for a man who defied odds, shattered ceilings, and transformed industries, all while keeping his self-belief at the forefront. The celebration encapsulated not just the achievements of Sir Gordon Wavamunno but also the embodiment of the principles and values that UAP Old Mutual cherishes.

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