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Bummy!!!! Meet Ivorian lady Eudoxie Yao, with the biggest hips in Africa

Biggest buttocks have been trending all over the world for many years, most men trip for that, while some women desire for having that and trying by all cost to artificially acquired it.

For people who are into these sort of body types, are the hottest cake in most part of the world, most of these women with huge backside measures at a crazy more than 50 inches, and they are bold to flaunt their natural gift.

A model has become a social media sensation thanks to her astonishing rear end, which she claims to be the biggest in West Africa and Africa as a whole.

Ivory Coast-born Eudoxie Yao claims to have the biggest bottom in the whole of Africa with her pert posterior earning her a loyal social media following of 800k on Instagram.

Eudoxie, from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, grinds her eye-popping figure around wearing skin-tight catsuits in a series of social media videos that have earned her thousands of followers.

A lady, who her pictures recently resurface online has become a celebrity after the pictures of her flaunting what social media users termed: natural endowment, went viral online.

The lady showed off her “biggest sides” and curvy backside as she attracted the attention of some online users.

While some internet users have hailed her for having the biggest bumbum and what some called ‘natural heavy curve’ as a blessing, others have labeled her endowment – a ‘big problem’.

With this type of body shape, she will definitely attract attention everywhere she goes.

According to some ladies, men always appreciate ladies with such endowment – though some ladies failed to understand that men have varieties of choice on features they want from them.

Eudoxie Yao
According to Eudoxie Yao, who is considered to have biggest flesh at the bottom in Africa, revealed that people don’t believe her when she tells them that she is natural and haven’t gone under the knife to achieve the audacious figure. “I’ve never had cosmetic surgery. Never, never, never in my life.

For now, there is not any scientific proof on huge pelvis, while most of the women that have it said they inherited it and comes naturally.

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