‘We need each other, let us not give up’- Dorothy Shonga tells fellow Malawians 

‘We need each other, let us not give up’- Dorothy Shonga tells fellow Malawians 

Entrepreneur and socialite Dorothy Shonga has penned an important message calling on her fellow Malawians not to give up.
In the letter, the millionaire lady describes Malawians as people with hope and energy. She advised them not to give up.

Dorothy Shonga

Below is the full letter which she posted on her social media pages;
Fellow Malawians,
A lot has been said about me. And I have also said a lot about people who say a lot about me. But there is one thing I have discovered: we will always have something to say about each other whether u know that person or not. It’s human; let’s not be afraid of speaking out about each other whenever we feel so. We all grow through that.
What matters, however, is that, after debates and talks about each other, let’s not break and destroy each other. Let’s continue being each other’s keeper. We are still family, we are still Malawians and we are all still part of this great creation that God gave us.
Today, I just want to wish you a great day. If you are a businessperson, soldier on, don’t falter; if you are working, please show up and do your best; if you are unemployed, don’t give up, keep searching. God has a purpose for all of us and, I can assure, it will happen.
We, Malawians, are a great people, full of hope and energy. Let’s not give up.
She added,” In this journey of life, we all strive towards becoming better people than we were yesterday.However, there is no way we can become better people if we don’t learn from those who points out where we either go right or wrong. Critics are our reflection; we are able to see ourselves through their point of view and, with time, improve ourselves.

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Because of this, I am really grateful to anyone who take their precious time to comment on my posts.
I take your comments seriously and I am always taking notes. Have a great afternoon”.

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