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Bryan White cautions youths on drugs, alcohol and violence

Bryan White Foundation spends over Shs30m on youths and adults projects in Munyonyo

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bryan White Foundation, Bryan Kirumira popularly known as Bryan White has cautioned the youth against drug abuse, alcohol and participating in violence in form of riots and demonstration. Bryan White while basing on the foundation’s theme : ‘Awakening the youths from poverty’ also warned the youths  against reckless sex habits saying it will ruin their  life and generation, said during  the youths charity event held at Auto Spa Munyonyo.

The event attracted a gathering that sought help from Bryan, and who willingly contributed towards the solving of their different problems. Bryan White contributed Shs 1m to young girl who was burnt by a step mother and needed money for further treatment and another lady while had a child suffering from a strange face disorder a 2m contribution for the child’s operation.

He didn’t stop at just helping but also listened to  different working and savings groups  , who presented their proposals and plans and he contributed Shs 20M to the groups to boost their activities. He urged them to engage more in agriculture related activities to be able to fight poverty easily.

He offered an artist who painted his image as gift, a bounty of Shs2m saying that was a good sign of putting talent to work and not just folding their hands or wait to steal. He also contributed Shs 5m to Community Policing football tournament of the same area. He also pledged to support the youth who are ready to quit drug and alcohol abuse. He promised to work on different cases after officially launching his foundation in Mbarara on 10th March 2018 at Kakyeka Stadium

He also cautioned the public on recklessness and lack of discipline saying it has led to deteriorating situations and advised them to always   identify the problems first before solving them.

“First understand the problem, we have no discipline and it’s what we need to work on first. Motorcycle riders (Bodas) be exemplary, don’t be criminal hubs. You need to have discipline and love our country with one heart. Love your families. If you get money, first think about your family. Learn on how to plan before your become extravagant. Learn how to save on the little you earn. Learn to love your wives and share with them the little you earn instead of taking it to your side dishes,” Bryan said.

He promised to give out to willing Boda Boda riders motorcycles worthy 2M refundable in a period of 6 months with a condition that whoever is given the bike doesn’t involve themselves in violent activities   like riots. “My motorcycles must not be used in violent activities such as riots because you will not earn anything from it, you will instead end up losing your lives. First love yourself before your love your neighbour or any other person especially the one that will try to send you to demonstrate,” he added.

He preached against drug abuse saying it has killed many youths. “You need to have a plan, work and get occupied to avoid evil minds because an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Have good manners, behave and plan for your future,” he added.

On government, White expressed his love and liking of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni but urged him to ‘tame’ his messengers. “Your Excellence Mr President, your messengers have failed you and made people to dislike you because they do not deliver to the people the message you give them. But instead they end up building posh apartments, houses and caring for their own families forgetting people they represent. I believe if there is close supervision of these messengers, the country would be at par,” Bryan said.

On health, he advised the government especially Ministry of Health to find a way of setting up condom pick boxes on the roadside and other public places for the shy youth to pick easily.

“I have been in this life before so i know how to handle the youths, this is why i am here. I must awaken you out of poverty,” he concluded.

He also said his offices for the foundation are soon opening and whoever has any proposal or issues will be sorted from there.

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