Zimbabwean opposition strong figure pins an emotional last letter before his demise

Zimbabwean opposition strong figure pins an emotional last letter before his demise

‘My Sun has set’- Morgan Tsvangirai

Last day when I shed my earthly body. I will cross over to the spiritual realm. My physical body had fought so many battles in the past.

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Cancer was but one battle too many. I gave it a shot. In fact I gave it plenty.

As the cancer ate my insides I could see the toll on my family. The despair, the misery and the agony which they tried to hide.

Unfortunately on earth you can only control how you live. No one gets to control how they die. Not even why. Sooner or later our spirits will take to the sky.

Eventually we all fly

I’ve reflected on my life and I’m proud. I managed to inspire lives. I gave hope to husbands and their wives. It was never a plan or target of mine. I did not do it for high fives. I wanted to stand for workers’ rights. I thought that would be enough but I would be found fighting a bigger battle from 1999. History will judge me but I like to think I did mighty fine.

I made my mistakes. I lived through them and I learned. I was a political blacksmith who tried to forge a new Zimbabwe and you know what they say. I played with fire and I got burnt. I won some hearts. I won enemies too. Some I earned.

RIP: Morgan Tsvangirai

There were things I could have done better. There were things I couldn’t and those I don’t regret. Some seeds I planted in hearts of my people to blossom and fruit years later.

I’ve been broken hearted, I’ve broken hearts both alive and now as I depart.

I’ve been human for the most part. I’ve had controversy but I have also given reason to celebrate.

I’ve been expected to dangle at the end of a rope only to turn the gloom into hope. All while living on the international stage under a microscope.

History will judge me. Did I fail to change the status quo? I don’t think so. But it depends what those who judge are looking for. I think I did more.

I opened eyes. I let the people believe they could stare at their tormentors and say no. I would believe I made them believe they could refuse bread crumbs and instead demand more. I didn’t do everything. But sometimes all people need is a start. A sign. I hope that’s what I’m remembered for.

As my sun sets yours rises. Make hay while it shines. Follow your heart, dont waste your single life conforming, forcing your soul to do what it despises. There’s a race to be run. There is work to be done. Do your best. I will see you when you join me on the other side.

Morgan Tsvangirai

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