Bikini poolside parties rocking at Protea, Entebbe

The introduction of poolside parties by Protea Hotel in Entebbe is giving traditional beaches a run for their money.

Girls partying by the poolside

Girls partying by the poolside

High class, corporate and medium income earners now storm the place every Saturday to have a glimpse of hot babes clad in bikinis.

You can always find such hot ladies at Protea hotel poolside

You can always find such hot ladies at Protea hotel poolside

The event is catching fire and many opt to party from there of recent rather than going to beaches and if you haven’t attended one then you are losing out.

Saturday by the lake is not the same any more after the introduction of the weekly Blue Moon Poolside Party at Protea Hotel in Entebbe.[adrotate banner=”3″]

One no longer has to endure rowdy High School escapees and thugs (typical of many beaches) to enjoy a good day at the beach.

It is always fun these days at Protea poolside

It is always fun these days at Protea poolside

Now in its fourth week, the event that is organised by Blue Moon Vodka and Protea Hotel, Entebbe is the new in thing.

According to ChimpLyf corps graced the poolside and private beach party and in summary, we can say we were impressed.

Aside from the serene scenery and fresh breeze, the lakeside swimming pool was a good place to play for the lady-dominated crowd.

ladies by the poolside partying

Ladies by the poolside partying

Many of the patrons that chose not to swim were seen enjoying drinks and dishes from the in-house restaurant, Tides.

Parents and their children could be seen all over the place having a good time and taking photos to recount on the moments later while several other revelers took advantage of the discounts on cocktails and premium beers at the bar to make their experience more exciting.

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