Bebe Cool wants Ugandan musicians to end beefing

Bebe Cool wants Ugandan musicians to end beefing

Star singer Bebe Cool wants all Ugandan singers to unite and end beefing among themselves in the music industry. The ‘Mbozi Za Malwa’ singer said this during his weekly night at Top Notch Bar Ntinda last night where he and his band perform every Tuesday night in a night dubbed ‘Gagamel Night’.

Bebe Cool performing at Top Notch Bar Ntinda last night

As musicians let us all come together and say no to beefing and work together towards making this industry the best in Africa.

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The singer doing the night’s second edition said it was uncalled for, for the fans and artists to transfer their rivalries to third parties. “Why abuse my wife or children when you have beef with me, let us have respect for one another and forge a better way forward,” Bebe said.

He advised fellow artistes and fans to stop attacking family members of so called rivals (especially their wives) who are innocent.

The singer added, “Why should you honestly abuse my wife? If you are not happy with my success in the industry, just prove you are better by producing hit songs, that Ugandans will appreciate and love. We have moved forward and the days of ‘stupid beefing’ in the industry is the past now”

He joked, “I have the capacity to strike his so called rivals hard (under the belt) but he said he can’t go that low.
As an elder, i wouldn’t like us to go back to the old days, when goons were hired to attacked artistes and beefing was the norm.

“We indeed struggled, to restore sanity in the industry and won’t appreciate seeing sponsors, revellers and venue owners shying away from the concerts. One love,” he concluded.

“As a man who has handled all major concerts (security) and a friend to all Ugandan artistes, i was happy with Bebe Cool’s words of advice to his fellow artistes, at top Notch bar Ntinda, during the Gagamel night( on Tuesday),” Dixon Okello said.

Dixon Okello

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