B Classic shares new single ‘Yakikukataa’


Nairobi, Kenya; Hot on the heels of his first single B Classic -006 is back with another single #Yakikukataa produced by Toplayer on the Beat & Champion Studio Kenya.

The love ballad ominously recounts the complicated cycle of the day to day intrigues of a one sided relationship. The video was directed by the super talented Trey Juelz.

Yakikukataa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d5zjVbHgiY

“It’s about being in love with someone who does not appreciate me despite all that I do,” B Classic explains. “Tired of fighting he gives up on love and ends it all hence the title #Yakikukataa.”  He is the first artist to be signed up by Champion Studio, an upcoming outfit by founded by Joel Lishenga and Brian Lishenga.

Subtle but infectious, “Yakikukataa” is a strong follow up to his first single  “Baby I Swear ” and the recent collaboration with Bruce Mfalme.

Baby I swearhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFfMIDBImvs

The Kenyan melodious singer-songwriter B-classic is progressively building a niche as one of Kenya’s fast rising artistes to watch out for.

Born in Taveta as Dennis Manja, B Classic was raised by a guardian – a Somali Woman who took him in after being neglected by his mom at a tender age. He was taken in by a Somali woman who they later parted ways as he went to Mombasa to search for greener pastures.

Dennis later went to Mombasa in search of greener pastures; his first job was a herdsman for 10months without pay, later he was lucky to get a job at a hotel. While in Mombasa a friend saw potential in him and nudged him to pursue music which he eventually did and the rest is a compelling story of an artist making his way in the industry.

B-classic has graced notable stages across East Africa with top acts such as; Sudi Boy, Ally B, Jua Cali among many stars. B classic is a multi-talented artiste whose song writing and arranging skills are evident in his works.


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