Pictorial: Check out who rocked  the social media

Pictorial: Check out who rocked the social media

As we close day, here are stunning photos that rocked social media today.
Showbiz master Zari Hassan looked smashing as she captioned her picture again with words of wisdom.
Debie Kagisha continues to thrive on social media platforms while Sasha Ferguson is back into the country from Germany and she is enjoying her quarantine at Speke Resort Munyonyo.
Fashionista Sheilla Abigail posted her photos modeling in her new stock attires and she looked mesmerizing and dazzling.

Below is the full list of those who spiced up the day with dazzling photos.
Zari Hassan, Debie Kagisha, Sasha Ferguson, Doreen Kabareebe, Juliet Zawedde, Sheilla Abigail, Keysha Stellah, Lydia Jazmine, Fik Fameica, Diamond Platnumz, Iryn Namubiru, Lisa Mandy, Shan Keeza, Dianah Nabatanzi, Irene Ntale, Mwaj Ahmed, Maggie Kiyingi, Nickita Bachu, Sheebah Karungi, Olivia Kentie, Nkurunziz Aggy, Judith Heard, Brenda Nampiima, Tinah Teise.

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