Another Ugandan becomes victim of money hungry and poverty stricken Boda Boda cyclists

The festive season is here and the need for an extra penny makes Boda Boda guys take advantage of their customers.

Just a few days after the Ramo Ushers boss Tania Rachael was attacked by a boda guy she hired from Kampala Serena as she headed home at Kololo Airstrip where he wrestled with her in an attempt to stab her, and she luckily escaped but lost all her valuables, Kololo Gardens in house DJ, Andy Skillz becomes another boda boda victim after he was stabbed by a boda boda guy last night near Ndere Cente, Ntinda towards Kisaasi roundabout on the Northern Bypass.

DJ Andy Skillz was stabbed by a boda guy near Ndere Centre towards the Northern Bypass

DJ Andy Skillz was stabbed by a boda guy near Ndere Centre towards the Northern Bypass

This was after the DJ left his work place, hired a boda from the stage opposite Kira Road Police Station to take him to St Lawrence Horizon and on reaching Ndere Centre, the boda guy turned against the spin master.

“The guy turned against me, I gave him 10k, he tried to grab me and I was putting on a jacket. He pulled out the knife and he told me to give all I had, I gave him 50k and he superglued on me for more. We started fighting and in the process another boda guy came and I think they had planned it, I decided to run away. He pulled my jacket, I unzipped it and we both fell down. I got up to run then I fell again and he run after me pulling my shirt and all the button got off, I somersaulted and ran for my dear life,” The DJ narrated.

In his call to police, the DJ argued Police and the IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura to beef up security along these roads to avoid such robberies. “These boda boda guys who ply their trade at night should be thoroughly checked because by Patrol police because most of them I think are thieves who move with knives to rob their customers,”

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